Why do we do that?—INTRO

Have you ever wondered, “why do we do that at Table Rock?” Well, we are going to do a little series here (and on Facebook and Instagram) to answer 8 of these questions. These 8 are related to ways we’ve chosen to structure Table Rock and spend our time, but if you ever have a question about something else we do at Table Rock, please feel free to email our elders at hello@tablerock.church.

The 8 topics we will tackle are…

  1. Why do we do Youth on Sunday mornings?

  2. Why do we do a Prayer of Confession and Prayer of Praise during our worship service?

  3. Why do we read longer passages of Scripture during our worship service?

  4. Why do we do a structured liturgy for our worship service?

  5. Why do we do Communion weekly in our worship service?

  6. Why do we do Life Groups?

  7. Why do we do Open Life?

  8. Why do we talk about missions?

Click the links above to read more about each of these topics!

TR Pastoral Team