Luke Miller

Luke Miller is a Pastor at Table Rock and a firefighter currently serving with the Boise Fire Department.

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I often joke that I’m somewhere on the “failure to launch” spectrum. I was born and raised in Boise and now live in and am raising my children in the same house where I grew up. My Mom and Dad were loving, involved, and caring parents who faithfully took me and my four brothers to Catholic Mass every Sunday morning, but we didn’t have a very vibrant spiritual life in our home. While they did a fantastic job of teaching me to value morals and love people, I didn’t understand the reason behind these actions until my early teenage years. I’m thankful that they gave me a foundation of love, which made understanding a loving God easy for me. My parents have remained married for over fifty years, and I remain close with them and my brothers.

It was at a summer camp in the Sawtooth Mountains that the Lord softened my heart to the gospel message. I was broken that Christ had died because of my sin, but amazed that He would love me enough to willingly take my punishment. God planted in me a desire to want to share my faith with others from the beginning of my walk with Jesus, and I was blessed to work at that summer camp myself a few years later. I’ve also had the privilege to be involved with other ministries over the years, including Young Life, Search, and Launch Pad. I was humbled and honored to serve as an elder at Faith Community Bible Church before feeling called to help launch Table Rock Church.

The Lord was gracious to provide me with a loving wife, who had my heart from the moment I saw her. At that same summer camp in the Sawtooth mountains, Katie walked through the doors of the lodge, and my life was forever changed.  After we married in 2002, God has been kind to provide us with five children: Hadley (born in 2008), Taylor (2010), Hutch (2011), Ellie (2014), and Brooks (2018). Katie’s parents are also cherished friends of mine.

My prayer for Table Rock Church is that we would be a people who are passionately pursuing Jesus in all aspects of life, deeply desiring to know him more and to make him known.

Ryan Eagy

Ryan Eagy is a Pastor at Table Rock, small business owner, and graduate of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

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I was born in Boise, Idaho and was blessed to be raised in a house where my mom and dad loved me well, we went to church regularly, and I was surrounded by men and women who loved God. Even as a child I loved the teachings and stories of others, whether through books, school, my Sunday school teachers, or the pastor through his sermon. I grew up with two sisters and when I was 18 and about to leave home God sovereignly brought me two more sisters.

It is a sweet grace that I don’t remember a time I didn’t believe and trust in Christ as my savior. I remember a sermon the pastor preached when I was about 5 or 6 and he asked for a response to the gospel of Jesus, and I knew this was the type of saving I already believed and trusted Jesus for. I never remember “praying a prayer,” but God met me in very real ways throughout my youth. My faith continued to grow throughout the years, and I was blessed to have great mentorship and discipleship throughout my junior and senior high years at Cole Community Church. I was encouraged often to pursue full time ministry, and in college (College of Idaho, BA Education, BA Psychology) I made plans to pursue an MDiv.

I married my wife, Katie, in 2000 and we began our 13-year journey toward seminary. We were part of a church plant (2001-2004) and I served as a deacon and then an elder at Faith Community Bible Church (2005-2012). By God’s grace I had worked as a teacher (3rd grade, Cole Valley Christian School, 2000–2002), a project manager (DMA Lighting, 2002–2004), and we had started our own business in 2004 (Repstep, Inc) which allowed us to consider relocating and pursuing full time vocational ministry. It was in 2013 that—with five kids and two cats—that God finally let us go to seminary. While attending Bethlehem College and Seminary (2013­–2017, MDiv) I worked for Bethlehem Baptist Church alongside their Lead Pastor (North Campus) as well as with their Church Planting department. In 2017 God confirmed our plans to come back to Boise and plant Table Rock Church alongside a great team of men and women.

God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Katie, and five fantastic children: Hannah (2004), Gabe (2006), Abigail (2007), Gideon (2009), Hosea (2010). I am so blessed that they all love the Lord and follow him. My mother, Chandra, lives with us as do her two Shih Tzus and our beloved Golden Retriever Amicus! We have a full house and are a party in ourselves everywhere we go. We love living in the Depot Bench neighborhood of Boise and enjoy skiing, camping, most anything outdoors, and having neighbors over to our house and back yard whenever possible!

My prayer for Table Rock is that we would speak the word of God with all boldness and that God would stretch out his mighty hand across all of Boise and the Treasure Valley (Acts 4:29–31). Would we remember that God is for us in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:31–32) and that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ (Romans 8:38–39). May God be glorified in us and us in him through Jesus Christ! (2 Thessalonians 1:12)!

Andrew Knight

Andrew Knight is a Pastor at Table Rock and is currently serving with Campus Outreach at Boise State University.

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I was raised by two very loving parents in Atlanta, Georgia and heard the gospel often from a church we attended regularly. I did not respond to what I heard until some time later, but began to see the fruits of trusting in Jesus alone before attending college.

When I got to college, an older player on our football team started to get to know and read the Bible with me.  He prayed with me, taught me to study God’s word, befriended me, and challenged me. He was really there for me. Through reading the Bible and watching his life I became broken over my sin in new ways, understood that grace alone is really all that saves, and that God had called me to a commissioned lifestyle of evangelism and discipleship wherever I was.

In college, God laid bedrock convictions through in my life through men involved with a church-based campus ministry called Campus Outreach (CO).  In 2003, I joined a team to launch a franchise of the ministry in Minneapolis, MN. I spent twelve years there ministering as a director and elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  In 2015, we took a CO team to minister overseas and serve in England for three years through grass-roots evangelism and discipleship on the college campuses by the invitation of a local church.  In 2018, we joined a team to minister to college students in Boise, Idaho under Table Rock.  God has been kind to allow us to express our three loves of the church, campus, and world often.

My wife Sara and I shared much of a similar evangelism and discipleship background throughout college.  In 2009, we were married and she has traveled, raised a family, and ministered alongside me through the church and on college campuses.  God gave us twin boys, Grayson and Jackson in 2012 and another boy named Callum in 2014.  I love the family God has given me and they are integral to my life and ministry.

My prayer for Table Rock is that our fellowship would be found faithful.  Faithfulness requires much grace and sacrifice but great glory awaits those who follow Jesus faithfully and hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant…Enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:23).

Don Straka

Don Straka is a minister at Table Rock, recent graduate of Bethlehem College & Seminary, and former missionary to Nicaragua.

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I was born in Nebraska but shortly after my parents divorced and both moved to Colorado Springs, CO. My time was split between each household as equally as possible. The spiritual climate in each was as different as my parents’ opposite personalities. My dad and stepmom were Roman Catholic and took us to confirmation class. Meanwhile, my mom and step-dad were non-religious and began to pursue paganism when I started high school. By high school, I was bored with the rote of Roman Catholic Mass, so I sampled paganism with my mom. But then God, through some faithful friends in my high school, broke through my hard heart and made me alive together with him. Jesus became my treasure, my joy.

From early on, I felt a call to ministry. Not having grown up in church, I had little idea what that meant. I decided to pursue an inexpensive undergrad at a secular college so that I could spend the real money at a Master’s Program. I eventually made it to that Master’s program, but not without first meeting my wife and moving to Nicaragua for three-and-a-half years. God was kind to use those years in Nicaragua to confirm a call to pastoral ministry in a local church and to also give my wife and me a passion for the nations. We returned back to the States to receive training from Bethlehem College and Seminary, and after graduation we felt led to join a church planting team in Boise. We followed God’s call, and landed here in the Treasure Valley on June 1, 2018.

Jacque and I have been married for more than ten years. Two years ago our family grew with the addition of our son Landin. Coming in September of 2019, we are going to see how Landin does being a big brother to another little boy. Our family loves being around people, enjoying daddy’s homemade bread, and playing board games. I even have an app to keep track of all the games I play.

My prayer for Table Rock in this next season is that our joy in the Lord and “love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment” so that many here in Boise would know the boundless love of God (Philippians 1:9).

Luke Salik

Luke Salik is a minister at Table Rock with a passion for leading worship and a recent graduate of Bethlehem College & Seminary.

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I was born in Grand Rapids, MI to parents who loved Jesus. What a providential gift. By God’s grace and as a result of the spread of the gospel over centuries, I began my life hearing about Jesus often, a privilege many don’t have. I definitely needed him. One of the earliest memories that I can recall somewhat clearly is of me stealing candy from a grocery store at around 4 years old, my parents finding out, and having to apologize to the store manager. I also had a knack for lying to get out of trouble, which seldom went the way I planned. In other words, I knew early on that I did not always live as I should. I was a sinner in need of a savior.

Fortunately, the Spirit opened my eyes to see and trust in Jesus, the savior I needed who alone could pay my debt and cure my wayward heart. I prayed with my parents at age 6 that Jesus would save me from the punishment I knew I deserved, trusting that he could. I was baptized at age ten, wanting to identify with Jesus no matter what.

Middle school represents a time when I began to take seriously what it meant that God wanted a relationship with me, and that started a journey that I am still on—a journey filled with the joy of knowing him and living for him. High school was about the time I started feeling called to ministry. I felt like God built me and filled me with a passion to shepherd people. I constantly wanted to be used to guide and nurture the faith of others and I frequently found myself moving toward the chaos people were experiencing rather than away from it, wanting to help them see God working in the midst of their trouble. I went to college at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI where I received a bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Intercultural Studies. My time there was extremely formative. I grew as a worship leader and in my love for explaining the Word of God to others, and I had several incredible mentors along the way.

In 2014, I moved to Minneapolis to attend seminary at Bethlehem College & Seminary, and there I received a Masters of Divinity. There, at Bethlehem Baptist Church, I met and married my beautiful wife, Andrea. After finishing seminary, we moved to Boise, ID to help plant Table Rock Church. We now have a beautiful daughter named Gabriella Jane, and we’re enjoying continuing to serve Table Rock Church as a family.

My prayer for Table Rock is from Philippians 1:9–11. It is my prayer that our love may abound more and more, with knowledge and discernment, so that we may approve what is excellent and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God. I pray that this pursuit would be one that is marked by great joy.