Acts Sermon Series

In mid-May, we will begin a new sermon series going through the book of Acts. Our hope, throughout the study, is to see the ways in which the Holy Spirit empowers his people to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people with all boldness and without hinderance. In other words, the gospel going global.

If you would like to study along with us, the outline for our series is below.

Acts Sermon Series Outline

Introduction: Prepared to Witness to the Ends of the Earth from Acts 1:1–11

Expansion: Jerusalem

  • Establishing the Church: Pentecost and the Promised Messiah from Acts 2:1–41

  • Establishing the Church: Christ’s Converted Community from Acts 2:42–47; Acts 4:32–37; and Acts 6:1–7

  • Persecution Before Expansion: Stephen, the Gospel and Suffering from Acts 6:7–15; Acts 7:1–2b, Acts 7:51–60; and Acts 8:1–4

Acts: Descriptive or Prescriptive? Spiritual Gifts in The Life of Believers (topical sermon from multiple texts)

Expansion: Samaria

  • Persecution And Expansion: Philip, the Power and Promises of God from Acts 8:4–40

Expansion: Ends of the Earth

  • Persecution And Expansion: Saul/Paul, Instruments of God from Acts 9:1–22

  • The Gospel to the Gentiles, Who has been Saved? from Acts 10:1–48

  • The First Missionary Journey, Opposition from Within and Without from Acts 13:1–12 and Acts 13:43–52

  • The Jerusalem Council, The Place of the Law from Acts 15:1–21

  • The Second Missionary Journey, Disagreements and Trusting God’s Leading from Acts 15:36–41 and Acts 16:6–10

  • The Third Missionary Journey, Partnership from Acts 18:24–28 and Acts 20:17–38

  • Paul to Rome, God’s Timing and Move from Acts 24:24–27 and Acts 25:1–12

  • Acts Summary/Conclusion, The Kingdom of God and Jesus from Acts 28:17–31


Photo by Slava Bowman on Unsplash

TR Pastoral Team