Job Sermon Series

Suffering. We all experience it, but we rarely like to think about it. Why is that? As Christians, we have the best answer to suffering—the sovereignty of God. It doesn’t always feel like that is the answer. In fact, many Christians struggle with suffering precisely because they know that God is sovereign. Why would he allow for me to suffer if he controls everything?

This fall, we are embarking on a study through the book of Job, and as we go through Job, we intend to look at these questions and more, and we pray that you will find that not only is our God sovereign, but he is loving, merciful and gracious, and he always uses suffering for our good and his glory.

Amazingly, our God not only cares for us in our suffering, but he entered into. Jesus Christ, God himself, stepped into our world—into a broken body, into a world with sin and temptation, into a world that hated and scorned him, and into physical pain and death. He knows suffering intimately and can relate to you in every way that you have suffered. We pray that through this series you will see and love this wonderful God and find in Jesus Christ everything you need: comfort, solace, and even purpose through every suffering you face.

If you would like to study along with us, here is the outline for our series.

Job Sermon Series

Suffering of the Righteous from Job 1:20–22; 2:1–10

Wrestling with Suffering:

  • Where is God? from Job 3:1–26

  • Good and Bad Counsel from Job 2:11–13 and Job 13:4–12

  • You are guilty; is there an Arbiter? from Job 9:33

  • You deserve punishment; is there a Redeemer? from Job 19:25

  • When the wicked prosper from Job 21:7–16

  • Where can wisdom be found? from Job 28:12–28

Rebuked in Suffering: The Purposes of God from Job 33:14–30

The Revelation of God in Suffering:

  • He Speaks! [Through Creation and His Word] from Job 40:3–5 and Job 42:1–6

  • He is greater than we can imagine! from Job 38–42

Suffering and our Final Hope from Job 42:7–16

TR Pastoral Team