Youth Corn Maze Event

On Wednesday, October 23, in lieu of our normal Wednesday Night Youth Gathering, we will be heading to the Farmstead Corn Maze. Please see below for all of the details and contact information.

What: Youth Corn Maze

Who: Table Rock Youth and friends in grades K-5 and Jr / Sr High (6–12)

When: Wednesday, October 23 from 5–7:30pm

This will be in place of our usual Wednesday Night Youth Gathering.

Parents are invited to stay and attend the event with the kids, but they can also drop them off at 5pm and pick them up at 7:30pm at the end of the event.

Where: Farmstead Corn Maze—2500 South Eagle Rd. Kuna, ID

Cost: $5


Don Straka ( with any questions regarding children in grades K–5

Luke Salik ( with any questions regarding Junior / Senior High (grades 6–12)

TR Pastoral Team