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Advent: The King is Coming

Luke 2:1–21. This text is a tale of two kings. Both are mighty. Both are powerful. Yet they express this power in very different ways. One in pomp and circumstance for worldly accolades. The other, through humility, bringing a message of hope and salvation for all people. And you and I have a choice—which type of king will we look to for our own hope and salvation?

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Advent & The Gospel of Luke

Luke 1:26–38. Luke, the writer of the Gospel of Luke does something no other writer of a gospel does—He juxtaposes the promises of Jesus’ birth with the promise of the birth of John the Baptist. He records John’s backstory in as much detail as he does Jesus’s birth and the events leading up to it. As we look at the birth of our Savior and compare it to what God was doing in John the Baptist’s narrative, we will see the same amazing picture that Luke wants us to see as well—that our God is working and our God is coming!

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