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The Greatest Commandment(s)

Matthew 22:34–40. Today, we are going to focus on Matthew 22 and how that links to our mission as Table Rock Church. What God is working in us is a heart that loves him with everything and overflows in love for our neighbor—especially as we share with them our love for God and our salvation in Jesus Christ. We love that Scripture reminds us of these aspects of our faith. Praise God that he throws reminders in front of us that reawaken our hearts to our love for him! And as the forgetful people that we are, we want to try to keep these truths in front of us. So, we put it into a statement—a phrase that we use to remind us who we are in God and our passion to see this statement in Matthew 22 lived out. So here at Table Rock Church, our mission statement is this: We exist to spread a passion for the glory of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.

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