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Where is God

Job 3:1–26. Walled up, hedged in, a dark path. Job doesn’t see any way forward in life—he doesn’t see any purpose or path leading on. Job feels abandoned. Suffering does that to us: when we can’t see the path we are on, when all we see is darkness, we feel very alone. Worse of all, we feel as though even God might not be there.

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Job: Suffering and Sovereignty

Job 1:1–22; 2:1–10. Suffering. It is impossible to avoid in this life, though many of us will try very hard. It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, age, gender, social or economic status—all people can and often do experience suffering. This morning we start a new series in Job. Job is not necessarily one of the books of the Bible that makes many people’s favorite list, but it makes mine precisely because of its topic—suffering. I don’t have a morbid fascination with suffering, but an awareness that suffering afflicts us all, and we—Christians—we have the best worldview and answer to suffering in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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